Hashtag #29Untoldstoriesin29Days

A call to the Daughters of Ghana
February 26, 2021
Happy International Women’s Day
March 8, 2021

Dear Botlhale Hub Afrika Community

Trusting that every reader and follower is safe.

29 Untold stories in 29 Days Campaign (active)

We are almost there, thank you so much for the support. Thank you for liking, reposting and sharing our posts. Now please, help us make our hashtag trend before we come to Ghana.

This is our hashtag:


When you share our work or repost please use our hashtag #29Untoldstoriesin29Days .

Please keep the movement active?

We are so excited and waiting patiently.

If you want to be part of our campaign, please reach out to us on the email info@botlhaleafrika.co.za  ?

Have an amazing day Botlhale Hub Afrika community.

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