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Addressing SDGs in Africa
February 3, 2021
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February 15, 2021

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Our first story for 2021.

Golden Oasis Spring Foundation addressing SDGs

Golden Oasis Spring Foundation is a Nigeria registered non-profit social impact organization. It is dedicated to the fight against poverty and providing economic empowerment for the indigent, with operational activities centres around 9 adopted goals (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11 and 16) of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Golden Oasis Spring Foundation is not just reaching out, they are touching lives and making an impact in the society. They present a unique platform not only for the achievement of the SDGs but for the sustainability of these goals. By focusing on connecting great ideas with opportunities, through seeding initiatives, replicating successes, establishing multinational partnerships for the development of Africa.

Work in action


Project Purple Diamond is an initiative to provide new school uniforms for indigent primary school pupils across Nigeria and subsequently, other African countries.


Project Sew To Earn is an initiative to empower young unemployed women, both graduates and non-graduates, with sewing skills. This enables them to become self-employed and self-dependent, thus have the ability to support their families. (Funds mobilisation process is already on going before the outbreak of Covid-19).


A Youth Development Initiative, to motivate undergraduates to look beyond University certificates and pursue entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is directly referred to in targets of the SDGs 4 and 8 and is associated with education, job creation, creativity and innovation.  

Golden Oasis Spring Foundation takes this workshop to University campuses, after which their partner, Empower Africa Project handles a practical session on Digital Empowerment. Topics covered are Digital Entrepreneurship, Online Marketing Skills, Bloggers Money-Tech Training, EAP Resellers Business Program and Blogsite Design with WordPress are handled.

About the Founder and CEO

Adeleke Okeowo Abiodun


He is an ambitious and driven person who thrives on challenges and constantly set goals for himself, as this gives him something to always strive towards. He is not comfortable with settling, and always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness. Highly organised and a natural leader who takes delight in helping people and bringing out the best in them. He is result-oriented, constantly checking in with the goal to determine how close or how far away he is and what it will takes to make it happen.

An Author of Mirage is a work of fiction that captures the unique and peculiar challenges of the African continent. As it relates to corruption, nepotism, tribal and ethnic sentiment, political sit-tight syndrome, greed and other vices working against the development and prosperity of Africa and her people. There seems to be no end to the sugar-coated developmental promises from politicians, as every election campaign is full of the same promises at every election year.

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Interview with Adeleke Okeowo Abiodun

What inspired you to start Golden Oasis Spring Foundation?

“My passion for seeing Africa and her people maximize their potential to secure their future. We cannot continue to sit down and watch corruption induce poverty and bad leadership to keep robbing us of our future. It is time to act and make things happen. My dream for a prosperous and a progressive Africa is bigger than any fear or intimidation”.

What inspired the name of the organization?

“Africa is synonymous with negativity, at least that is what they are telling us and our actions are not helping matters. We need to change the narration. Though they have termed us ‘desert’ by wondering if anything good can come out of Africa, yet we have the potential to create an oasis in that desert, prosperity can spring forth from Africa. Nelson Mandela (Madiba) has laid the legacy that Africa and her people are great assets to the world, we must build on that. The simple fact that oasis reminds us that all hope is not lost even in the desert, inspired the name”.

What are you passionate about?

“I am passionate about the women and the children of Africa; they are the most vulnerable. A man can abandon his wife and the children and go settle with another woman however, a woman will hardly abandon her children. We need to protect them and guarantee a sustainable future for the African child. To achieve this, we must fight corruption, injustice, sexual and gender-based violence, gender discrimination. We must ensure that economic opportunity is available to all irrespective of gender. The good of the land is for all”.

What are some of the challenges the Golden Oasis Spring Foundation faces?

“What we can call a challenge right now is the challenge of space. When you have the kind of vision we have, you need a permanent structure. When you are able to put that behind you, then you have the time and energy to focus on the essentials. We hope to overcome that challenge in due time”.

Has the foundation by any chance been impacted by the pandemic and if so how?

“Our operations and finances are the major areas impacted by the pandemic. We had to take some of our activities online like our advocacy. In addition, for those that we could not take online like the free distribution of new school uniforms to indigent pupils in public primary schools, we must put them on hold. The financial donations also have dropped because of the pandemic on economic activities across the world”.

How can society/world contribute to Golden Oasis Spring Foundation? (Donations,Paypal)

“We are open to partnership and collaboration with organisations interested in the development of Africa to ensure a sustainable future. Corporate organisations can adopt us as their CSR partner and help us provide more free new school uniforms for the children of Africa. Furthermore, fight poverty by empowering women through the provision of life skills. The society can also help us amplify the advocacy that African women and children must be protected. Financial donations will also enable us to sustain our life-impacting programmes and activities”.

What words of wisdom do you have for the children of Africa?

“The future belongs to you. Drugs, crime and violence will rob you of that future. While we continue to work to provide for your needs, the only favour you owe us and yourselves is to pursue your EDUCATION with all the time and attention you can give to it. That is the best legacy we can give to you. When you are educated, you can become whatever you want to be”.

Contact details:

No 7, Okunmoyinbo Avenue, Igbode Thomas, Ajah Town,  Eti Osa, Lagos, Nigeria.

E mail|   Tel.| 08025977765        08025977765 Website| 

Instagram| gospringlink           Facebook| gospringlink        Twitter| @gospringlink 

Be on the lookout


Oasis Leadership Academy is an initiative of Golden Oasis Spring Foundation to provide leadership training and mentoring in corporate organisations. Pupils in Senior Secondary Schools in both government and private owned Secondary schools across Africa are included. Class prefects of junior classes will also be accommodated.


Innovation Hub is our signature programme to drive innovation among the youths across Africa. Golden Oasis will partner an information technology and services organisation of international repute, that will provide life skills for young African youths in Senior Secondary Schools who are interested in science/engineering/IT related field.

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