Episode 2 OUT NOW!!!

December 9, 2020
Emancipate the African mind and preserve our African heritage through authentic storytelling
December 10, 2020

Hello Botlhale Hub Afrika

Episode 2 is finally out now.

Kgaugelo Gracious Napo shared her story with us about being forced into a career break due to unemployment during the pandemic. It was depressing, frustrating but a challenge that propelled her to grow. She joined the Sherock program to refine her skills to stay relevant. Please listen to her story.

She is a Journalism and Media studies graduate who has yet to establish herself in the journalism industry. She is currently in the pursuit of career growth and success. She is a dynamic, passionate person filled with tenacity, integrity and out of the ordinary thinking to at times challenge the convention. She values  Diversity, integrity, good work ethics and competency.

Her style of writing is unique in that she keeps it clear and easy to follow. She follows journalistic ethics by verifying facts and balancing the story. She writes compelling stories in the most creative way.

She is passionate about communication  in all it’s aspects and eagerly wants to build a career in the field. She is confident that she can play a key role in assisting the communication sector in the country to being the most efficient and effective . . 

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Her story could motivate someone.

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