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Sherock Program : A call to 5 women, unemployed and living in South Africa
November 6, 2020
Sherock is live!!!
November 12, 2020

Hello Botlhale Hub Afrika Community

Hope the community is well. Thank you so much for reading and following up with the Sherock Program 2020.

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The podcast series for telling the stories that matter. The SheRock Female Accelerator Program is digital skills training and mentoring program designed for women on career breaks due to child birth, child caring, other caring responsibilities and expats repatriating with their partners in Africa.

This podcast series will be featuring women and telling their stories as we go through the journey. We want to create a network of women who understand and are ready to change the narrative.

Join our host Phiwe Mncwabe, CEO and Director of Botlhale Hub Afrika South Africa as she leads these conversations. Subscribe so you don’t miss out!

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Register for the Sherock Female Accelerator Program at which starts from 9th November – 14th December 2020.For more information visit our website

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