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An interview with Dr Ezinne Nnamdi-Louis
October 21, 2020
Sherock Accelerator- Program Overview
October 28, 2020

Life is beautiful, so is motherhood. The amazing encounter of laying your eyes on these amazing little angels. The feeling of love at first sight and warmth is refreshing. However, with such breath-taking encounters as these a new dimension of responsibilities and shifting of perceptions are welcomed.

The impact that comes with motherhood is unheard of. It is a dimension that impacts women lifelong. The shifts in ordinary day living, to the contemplating of realigning your goals to your child’s needs. In other instances, sacrificing to miss some of the most important milestones because of the pressures that come with life.

Sometimes the guilt of feeling like your absence is marked. The impact that this journey has on your career and the contemplating on taking a career break. It is not the end, and this is still a beautiful journey .

“Statistics has it that 1 in 3 moms contemplate quitting when they return to work, even after a long maternity leave*. Also, 43% of highly qualified women with children are leaving careers or off-ramping for a period of time**. Many are finding themselves getting stuck as their skills set becomes obsolete and also impossible to get back into the traditional work environment”.

“Sherock wants to help this demography of women find the zeal purpose and feeling worthy to make a difference in the world”.

With our partnership with Abeyie Innovation Studios in Accra, Ghana. Botlhale Hub Afrika will be sharing stories of the women part of the Sherock Accelerator Program.

Sherock is a 6-week female accelerator program powered by Abeyie Innovation Studios in Ghana.

Sherock Accelerator Program is offering this amazing program that is aimed at refining the skill set of women who have taken career breaks due to childbearing responsibilities. This maiden program will cover digital skills trainings, business sense series, entrepreneurship, leadership and personal branding, getting back to work, non-traditional job opportunities, mentorship sessions and fun activities.

If you are that woman or know any women who have taken career breaks due to childbearing responsibilities. If you know of women who are feeling unfulfilled due to career breaks or overwhelmed due to childbearing responsibilities. Look no further, this is the program specifically designed for you. Please join the program by participating and refining your skills to re-enter the job market or entrepreneurship with confidence.

The link to register :

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