An interview with Dr Ezinne Nnamdi-Louis

An interview with Adv Thuleleni Mbhansa
October 14, 2020
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October 26, 2020

Can please share your name and where you are from?

Dr Ezinne Nnamdi-Louis is from the Eastern part of Nigeria, however currently residents in Qatar.

What are you passionate about?

She is first, passionate about medical practice. “Of course, because she is a doctor…lol”. However, when she is not trying to diagnose a patient to treat, she is enthusiastic about helping people execute their daring goals in the healthiest and least stressful way.

What are your sentiments about Covid 19?

She shared that COVID-19 took us by surprise. Dr Ezinne shared that we were not prepared. The world was not prepared and it has come to stay for a while. She also added that we have to learn how to move on regardless.

What do you do for a living?

She is an Author, Medical Doctor and a Stress management Specialist. She also manages an online community named Healthywealthy Globe. This is where she creates awareness on the impact of too much stress in Africa.

How did Covid 19 affect you? (Entrepreneur, Student, Employee or Unemployed etc)

“COVID-19 happened at a time when I was working from home. So, it didn’t affect my routine so much. Nevertheless, the lockdown restricted my movement greatly, just like everyone else…lol. I missed going for my choir practice (one of my happy places to be), going to church. I missed seeing and interacting with people physically, and things like that”.

How has Covid 19 impacted your mental state?

“It seemed I was mentally prepared for COVID, partly due to what I do as a stress management specialist and largely due to my Faith. I was among those who were looking out for others to help them stay calm through the peak of the crisis. That was also what prompted me to host an online stress management summit to help people build resilience through the chaos.

I also created a 100-day affirmation calendar to help people cope with the fear. I also wrote and published my book “Stress, We Are Done” the same period to help people manage their stresses.

I was intentional in avoiding the regular news updates, which I believe hugely contributed to how people were coping at the peak of the crisis”.

Where to from here. How do you view the world and the new normal?

“Well, we have to move on. The truth is that it will take some time to recover fully from the impact of COVID-19. So, do we pause our lives waiting for things to be back as usual? Of course, no. We have to embrace the new normal and adjust our lives to keep moving. One of the lessons COVID-19 taught us is that we can never be prepared enough because no one knows tomorrow. So, the best time to do anything right is now and there is no time to wait until we are perfect before we act. In other words, we move!.”

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