An interview with Adv Thuleleni Mbhansa

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October 8, 2020
An interview with Dr Ezinne Nnamdi-Louis
October 21, 2020

Can please share your name and where are you from?

Her name is Thuleleni. She grew up in KwaZulu Natal, at Esikhawini, a place closer to

Richards Bay or Empangeni South Africa. She grew up with her late grandmother and has looked up to her in terms of her sole belief in God. Always and forever choosing the truth no matter who it makes uncomfortable as well as being straightforward and concise when addressing family issues. All that she was has shaped who is she and becoming.

What are you passionate about?

She is actually passionate about God! “That sounded really flat right”? However, the honest truth. It is the love and grace that He has to her shown. In addition, makes her want everyone that she comes across with to experience their spirit and souls uplifted. To ignite their positive outlook on life in general so that they do not lose focus of the greatness they possess within them, which must still manifest.

What are your sentiments about Covid 19?

Thuleleni shared that Covid-19 is real and it kills. She said it has compelled us to quickly adjust to the new way of living, doing things and working. To the point that brought too many uncertainties to how manageable this can be and if it is, for how long. It is the materialisation of these uncertainties that has forced us to think differently from how we have always done things.

Thuleleni shared it is sad that we had to lose lives of people, and no number would have been okay. Furthermore, even if it were one person that died from this pandemic it would have still been a huge loss.

With that said, she believes each one of us at least have something positive to take away from this terrible experience, of course depending on what a person’s circumstances are or have been.

What do you do for a living?

She is employed as a Legal Advisor at Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited.

How did Covid 19 affect you? (entrepreneur, student, employee, unemployed etc)

“As an office-based employee, I had to adjust in working from home with all disturbances that may present in home setting with kids around. Furthermore, balancing between work and monitoring schoolwork. A person really had to adjust. As well as the load of work increased by changes necessitated by Covid-19, especially being in both the retirement as well as health space”.

How has Covid 19 impacted your mental state?

“In the beginning it wasn’t easy to speedily adjust to the complete lockdown, working from home as well as home schooling. It was a lot to take in, however God has been good to me. He has kept me positive and sane amidst the necessitated swift adjustments. I feel blessed to be working in environment that is digital. It was like we were always ready for Covid-19, in terms of efficiency. There were basically no cut-offs, etc. It has been business as usual”.

Where to from here. How do you view the world and the new normal?

“The world needs to adjust to the digital way of doing things. I believe it is doable. Theworld needs to equip the underprivileged citizens to be able to function in the digitalworld, otherwise, they will miss out on opportunities specifically created for them”.

Thuleleni’s Contact details

Email address or Adv Thuleleni Mbhansa on LinkedIn

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