An interview with Hanson Dorcas Amanor

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October 6, 2020
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October 14, 2020

Can please share your name and where are you from?

From Ghana, Hanson Dorcas Amanor is her name.

What are you passionate about?

She is passionate about advocating for equal access to opportunities for all girls. She is also passionate about the Environment.

What are your sentiments about Covid 19?

Hanson is of the view that the presence of Covid has left the whole world in shock and confusion. However, she thinks it has been a great reminder for us as a people, to cherish the moments that we spend with family and the people we love.

It has also served as a wakeup call to us as young people to realize the importance of growing what we eat.

What do you do for a living?

She runs two organizations called Girls Can Lead and Girls for Climate. She is also a student of Communications with a major in Journalism.

Hanson also has YouTube Talk show called “The Hanson Show “.

How did Covid 19 affect you? (entrepreneur, student, employee or unemployed etc)

As a student, she shared that it has created a lot of uncertainty in terms of school dates.

As a previous employee in the hospitality industry, she lost her job.

How has Covid 19 impacted your mental state?

“Well I think that, losing my job and not being able to attend classes left quite a feel of loneliness, and the thought that I wasn’t doing much for myself”.

Where to from here. How do you view the world and the new normal?

“I think that we need to accept that this is a new normal and continue to observe all protocols”.

Contact details to reach Hanson

  • The Hanson Show on Instagram
  • Girls_Canlead on Instagram
  • Girlsforourfuture om Instagram

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