In conversation with Lovemore Mupanta

We rise by lifting others
August 10, 2020
In conversation with Ginikachi Kate Okorie
August 17, 2020

Lovemore Mupanta is a Trans Non-Binary person who uses the pronouns They/Them. A 26-year-old  Computer Scientist and Project Manager even though prefers to identify as an LGBTQ+ activist, radical feminist, and mental health activist.

Hailing from Zambia. Lovemore’s passion for marginalized communities moves and motivates Lovemore every single day. Just like one of Lovemore’s favorite activists, Slyvia Rivera (a transgender feminist and one of the pioneers of the Stonewall movement-the movement behind LGBTQ+ LIberation), Lovemore is a radical revolutionist.

Born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia.

Passionate about marginalized communities like the LGBTQ+ Community, women, and children. The thought of injustice really upset Lovemore and seeing closely the injustices and oppressions these groups face pushed Lovemore to develop a deep passion to advocate for their rights.

Lovermore shared what Queer Talk Initiative is about with us.

Queer Talk Africa is an Initiative that I came up with in order to attain collective activism and advocacy. Queer identities are a minority group in Africa and are often seen as Taboo. Heteronormative culture is the model of normalcy and anything outside that is considered abnormal. This often leaves the queer people existing in Africa feeling ostracized and judged. Queer talk Africa was birthed as an idea to share African queer experiences.

But as time went by, I started thinking about the impact that social media has on our generation and so the idea of a digital activism alliance was also formed. We have hosted 1 webinar and we currently have a podcast that serves as a platform for experience sharing, activism, and teaching, with the aim of changing narratives and perspectives. However, the idea does not end there. I would like to see Queer talk Africa developing documents, documentaries, and even tool kits and resources aimed at educating people such as allies, educators, and even community members themselves.

If we can partner which academicians and writers, it will help spread our message across various sectors. In the long run, I envision Queer Talk Africa being a pioneer in the formation of a revolution in Africa because knowledge is indeed power.  I run the movement with a diverse team of activists from Zambia, South Africa, Uganda, Mozambique, and Nigeria”.

Please connect with Lovermore on the following social media handles:

Twitter: @africa_queer

Instagram: queertalkafrica


Podcast on Anchor fm: queer-talk-africa

Advice to queer activists is:

Follow your heart and your truth. Your uniqueness separates you from the rest of the world, use it as a weapon to fight for equality. It is not going to be an easy road, so buckle up your resilience belt but don’t give up! Collective activism is key to revolutionize Africa, if we all band together for emancipation and respect of our people, we shall achieve amazing things”.

Please be on the lookout for our video chat?

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