We rise by lifting others

Mrs. Hajjat Khadija Omar Kayanda’s (KO) story
August 1, 2020
In conversation with Lovemore Mupanta
August 14, 2020

Society has entrenched in us a selfishness, which has led us into believing that lifting others will delay or prolong our progress. This has become evident in our daily struggles and way of life. We have normalised turning  a blind eye or turning our backs to rise others when opportunities have presented themselves on various occasions.

There have been various occasions where we were presented with the ladder and refused to send it down for others to climb. There have been instances that just by putting in a good word or recommendation, a certain individual could have received a life changing opportunity. We have been placed in positions to reach out a hand and teach however, said “I am not a mentor”.

The significance in rising is accompanied by lifting others. There is power and purpose in lifting others because it seeks to remind one that it is not about the person being lifted. However, it is that gratitude of  being elevated. The gratitude of being able to be lifted because someone once looked down and picked you up.

May we find ourselves in positions to lift others as we continue to rise. May we never forget that we need each other in every way possible and that our value matters. May we never forget that the universe needs us to be a helping hand.

May we be reminded that indeed we are our brothers and sisters’ keepers. As we journey the month of August tackling our theme “we rise by lifting others”, I hope you rise. A Happy Women’s Month from Botlhale Hub Afrika. This month I hope you lift those who need rising and RISE. We cannot wait to share our August stories with you.

Thank you so much for reading, reaching out and supporting the vision.


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