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July 8, 2020
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Randy Danquah is the founder of Rakod Foundation and the Director of Operations for the Humanitarian Awards Ghana. He is an experienced Humanitarian with demonstrated history of working in the Non-profit organization Management industry. Randy Danquah was born in Accra-Ghana on 7th April.  He holds a BSc. In Agribusiness Management from the Central University, Ghana.

He shared that his passion is directed to Humanity helping people around, the community as whole, wellbeing of children and the less fortunate. Over the years Randy has volunteered his passions to provide practical ways and services to people from deprived backgrounds. With the singular aim of propelling them into destiny that is beyond their limitations.

Randy shared that he is the founder and head of programs for Rakod Foundation, as part of the Foundation’s portfolios which focuses on the various United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Rakod Foundations recent projects has been centered around Menstrual Hygiene Management project, Malaria Prevention and Control, Water Hygiene and Sanitation systems, and Child sponsorship/Education

Randy shared with us why Feminine Menstrual Hygiene is a priority, he said that unfortunately, menstrual practices are still clouded by socio-cultural and religious constraints in Ghana. This accentuates the need for adequate menstrual hygiene education. The effects of poor menstrual hygiene can lead to ill health, school absenteeism, and low self-confidence among others on the adolescent girl.

To eradicate the menace and stigmatization, the adolescent girl faces during menstruation, Rakod Foundation focuses on educating and organizing programs which gives education to the girls especially. It is targeted in-school adolescent girls and boys to sensitize them on menstrual hygiene management. It also train boys as menstrual hygiene advocates to provide peer support to menstruating girls in school. These are mostly done in the marginalized or identified communities across the country.  Randy shared some of the objectives of Rakod Foundation programs.

Some of the main objectives of our programs is to…

i.  Empowerment of the girl child

ii. Improve their self-esteem and self-actualization

iii. Believe that periods are part of the life of a woman and prepare their minds on ways to accommodate these periods.

iv. Create a supportive chain that allows for assistance during the time of menstruation

v. Eradicate menstruation to being about dirt and taboos etc.

Rakod foundation focuses on dedicating the girl child to believe and understand that menstruation is a natural biological process experienced by all adolescent girls and it should not be treated as a “taboo”. Rakod encourages all girls saying, “Speak up, ask questions and don’t shy away from menstruation”. By laying emphasis on menstrual health as a right for girls just as the right to education and life. “Girls need the right information on their reproductive health and to understand their bodies before they reach puberty, so they don’t feel vulnerable and confused at its onset of menarche”.

Rakod foundation does not only educate them but also provide them with sanitary pads and how to use and dispose them off well.

Rakod Foundation can be accessed on this link www.rakodfoundation.org

Randy Shared his life changing moment with us, that U-TURN moment in his life where everything changed completely for the better.

The final week of school brings new beginnings, endings, and smaller transitions. I reflected on meaningful milestones in preschool and elementary that had shaped my intelligence and character, preparing myself for the future and leadership as the Turning Point.

It was during my stay in the north that my passion for humanity increased. I realized that if other people are given a little push, they will be able to achieve their aims and dreams. Hence my focus on the various SDG’s to empower our youth and assist them to climb the success and self-esteem.

Randy’s Words of wisdom to African children

African children should take every opportunity and deceit from the believe that we are “inferior”. They should always have a plan but be flexible and ready for change, be ready for any challenge but also be positive minded and focus.

“Commit yourself to be noble struggle for equal rights. You will make a greater person of yourself a greater nation of your country and a fine world to live in.”

“Martin Luther king jr. “

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