Boitumelo Joyce Molefe’s story

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June 17, 2020
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Boitumelo is a 24-year-old female, who describes herself as “imbokodo, a presence so intimidating”. She has a mind you can never undermine, that is how she describes herself. She is an open book, honest, a lover of the finer things and most importantly passionate about education.  She was born and raised in the beautiful heart of North West Province in Mafikeng.

She began her higher education learning at the North West University VTC. Boitumelo initially wanted to pursue a degree in LLB. She, however, has completed a degree in BA Public Governance and Politics with law subjects.

Boitumelo shared that she has never been employed. After, completing her degree she has been searching for placement or experiential training.

She has been on the job market for the longest time. After completing her Grade 12, she unfortunately had to take a gap year. Boitumelo shared that being raised by a single parent, she had to sacrifice for her sibling to complete her studies. Later she was fortunate to be approved by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). Boitumelo reflected on the difficulties she faced during her gap year whilst trying to get into the market.

Boitumelo shared that being unemployed has been the most difficult phase in her life. She reflected about her final year of tertiary, plans to enter the job market, and bring change in her family. She also placed emphasis on how her parents had such high expectations and hopes for her. The idea of her gaining her independence and empowering herself thrilled her parents. However, when plans do not go as planned, there are days where she feels like a failure. Being unemployed has made her feel helpless and like a failure.

Boitumelo is currently seeking for entry level opportunities, whether in the form of experiential training or graduate programmes. Public affairs excite her. Working with public policies and contributing to an effective and well-functioning government with good administration excite her. Public Policy  departments is where she would like to see herself.

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