Life will not be, what we know it to be…

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May 1, 2020
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May 28, 2020

Change is good, yet very uncomfortable. A very difficult concept to swallow, however necessary. Change awaits the nation, however, is the nation ready to get uncomfortable. Many have introduced to themselves a way of life suited for them. Daily routines, schedules, meetings, and events. With the recent events of Covid 19,life will not be, what we know it to be.

It’s  terrifying that Covid 19 had to reinforce severe hygiene measures worldwide. Covid 19 challenged the health system. The “new normal” comes at a critical time where poverty and unemployment are prevalent. The new normal comes at a time where many have become vulnerable and affected in several ways.

As we wait for the 01st June 2020,the nerves keep racing. Questions in mind, will we be able to adapt to the new routine of hygiene? The constant washing of hands and not touching your face. Waiting in long lines at the taxi rank to maintain social distancing. The sanitizing your hands just when you step outside. The self-diagnosis whenever stepping outside is dreadful. Sanitizing  groceries, sneezing into elbow and elbow greetings. This is uncomfortable and very daunting.

Life will not be what we know it to be.

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